Finally, of course

diet pillsCould I avoid pharma?
No, of course.

So, I’ve done a new website. It may be not such beautiful but very clean.
I used “Throne” theme with really flexible framework Redux – highly recommend!
And .. thadadam! Welcome – Best Diet Pills on

I did animation on the product table, but now it’s turned off. I’m thinking that’s better.
Yeah, it’s go-pricing table, of course.

Go pricing plugin

Hi, guys
Have to say – Go pricing is best table creation plugin ever seen πŸ™‚
I think, was spent many thousands work hours to make so useful and helpful product.
Great job!
Highly recommend!

P.C. I used it here πŸ™‚

Another website – bezel monitor

So, another website which I gonna develop.

I like fixed promotion block in sidebar. I think that’s pretty good way to promote some models.
One more thing I like here – top bar. Lovely small logo when you scroll down.
I’m not sure order of menu is the best for monitors. Anyway – will see.
Welcome to bezel monitors.

Laptop for programming?

best coding laptopIs it good – laptop for programming? or not really?
Full answer you can find on my site πŸ™‚
I can say my opinion. That’s very good.
For example – you can work in coffeeshop as I prefer. You can also take work when you go to hollydays. You are getting real freedom with laptop.
So, my answer is – “OFC, yes!”
But what kind of laptop you need? it depends.
Welcome to site.

Very good Theme

best hybrid bikesI think it’s really good WP theme for info website.
I like sidebar and topbar.
“Bravo” for idea to use tos widjet in sidebar, that’s great!
Ofc it’s not free theme πŸ™ as everything good in the World.

Another project

and another project

best hair curlers
Here’s another one of my projects.
It is a bit like the previous one. But this WP theme does not have such complex navigation and, probably, is more understandable for users.
Any way, time will tell.
I really like the site. It’s light, transparent, clean.
I hope everything will right with.

Flat irons project

Another project

best hair straightenersThe next project I did without a visual editor. This is a project reviews of the best flat irons on the market 2017.
I really liked this theme for the WordPress. But there are fears that the hidden sidebar will not be understandable to users and, therefore, navigation and internal advertising widgets will not work well.
While watching the statistics.
When the accumulated significant data will be solved. Perhaps I will change the theme to a more traditional one.

My first project

My first project, the first experience!
I made this sitebest face mask on Word Press using WPBakery Visual Composer
In now I suffer.
I do not advise you to use WPBakery Visual Composer
Firstly, it slows down the site, not very much, but nevertheless slows down. Secondly, all the opportunities that he gives, in a month you can implement yourself, without his help, while you will be free in layout.

Although for the first experience, not bad. Yes?
Soon I will show the following projects.