Finally, of course

diet pillsCould I avoid pharma?
No, of course.

So, I’ve done a new website. It may be not such beautiful but very clean.
I used “Throne” theme with really flexible framework Redux – highly recommend!
And .. thadadam! Welcome – Best Diet Pills on

I did animation on the product table, but now it’s turned off. I’m thinking that’s better.
Yeah, it’s go-pricing table, of course.

Go pricing plugin

Hi, guys
Have to say – Go pricing is best table creation plugin ever seen πŸ™‚
I think, was spent many thousands work hours to make so useful and helpful product.
Great job!
Highly recommend!

P.C. I used it here πŸ™‚

Another website – bezel monitor

So, another website which I gonna develop.

I like fixed promotion block in sidebar. I think that’s pretty good way to promote some models.
One more thing I like here – top bar. Lovely small logo when you scroll down.
I’m not sure order of menu is the best for monitors. Anyway – will see.
Welcome to bezel monitors.

Laptop for programming?

best coding laptopIs it good – laptop for programming? or not really?
Full answer you can find on my site πŸ™‚
I can say my opinion. That’s very good.
For example – you can work in coffeeshop as I prefer. You can also take work when you go to hollydays. You are getting real freedom with laptop.
So, my answer is – “OFC, yes!”
But what kind of laptop you need? it depends.
Welcome to site.

Very good Theme

best hybrid bikesI think it’s really good WP theme for info website.
I like sidebar and topbar.
“Bravo” for idea to use tos widjet in sidebar, that’s great!
Ofc it’s not free theme πŸ™ as everything good in the World.